Ghostwriting by mailbox companies

Anyone who hires a ghostwriter wishes, in addition to discretion, a competent, timely and cost-effective order processing to exact specifications. The Internet is searched quickly, the companies in question are quickly found.

But how is the concrete implementation going? “No problem”, says the nice side; Order placement, flat rates, clean work, fast delivery, satisfied customer reviews. But what if appearance is deceptive? Especially the sometimes shady breath, which blows over the ghostwriting again and again, attracts black sheep, which promise a lot and hold little.

Every customer has to ask themselves what happens when the text is not carefully crafted, when sources are left out, phrases are not formulated, but clashed at the student level. In the worst case, quickly copied texts are delivered from the Internet, which can easily be exposed as plagiarism.

If a customer has paid for such a text, then he or she should be free of complaints and correction requests, just the legal recourse. This is on the one hand associated with the complete loss of discretion, on the other hand can only proceed legally, if the authors can also be determined.

In order to defend against unwanted surprises, a closer look at the website often helps: What kind of domain is it? How long has this been registered? Is the operator named and where is the head office? Is a meaningless company name used? Is there any address given in the imprint and is the company located there as well?

If in the imprint of a German-language Internet offer a foreign company is called, then the question arises for the reasons: Will the operators save only taxes or pay attention also to establish a legal hurdle between themselves and the customer, in order to avoid uncomfortable inquiries or to protect legitimate claims?

The client of a ghostwriting assignment undoubtedly has the right to remain anonymous and to demand discretion. On the other hand, operators of ghostwriting agencies should see clear structures if they want to promote trust.

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