Academic ghostwriting

The demands of the professors’ association Academic ghostwriting is sometimes reputed to support candidates who pass on foreign papers as their own exams. In fact, it can not be ruled out that a few of the bachelor’s, master’s, and master’s theses submitted to universities have not been written by those who assure their authorship by […]

What is ghostwriting

Since the first plagiarism allegations against some celebrities, the term ghostwriter in the press is increasingly being used in an inflationary fashion. If one answered in the 90’s and afterwards still on the question, what one was by occupation, with Ghostwriter, one harvested at best a tired, speechless and incredulous smile. Today, pretty much everyone […]

Ghostwriting by mailbox companies

Anyone who hires a ghostwriter wishes, in addition to discretion, a competent, timely and cost-effective order processing to exact specifications. The Internet is searched quickly, the companies in question are quickly found. But how is the concrete implementation going? “No problem”, says the nice side; Order placement, flat rates, clean work, fast delivery, satisfied customer […]

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